Crazy Greek Productions!

About C.G.P.

          Crazy Greek Productions (C.G.P) is a worldwide organization (film/audiovisual production team) which creates low budget gory and bizarre comedies ( and music videos).

It was founded and is single-handedly operated by our director.

          C.G.P has been recruiting and working with talented artists, actors/actresses and musicians, from Greece, The Netherlands, Finland, England/Australia and the USA and still grows stronger!

About our founder and director.

          Our prolific guerrilla founder was born and raised in Northern Greece.

In his early twenties, he started working as a self-taught non-linear video editor for major Greek TV stations which provided him the means and experience to later become involved with the local heavy metal scene and the emerging music video circuit, in which he was to appear as an occasional actor and director of photography. His breakthrough collaboration with Firewind, starring as the groups' enigmatic hooded singer for the shoot of the "I Am The Anger" video, remains a fan favorite to this day.

          In 2005, he teamed up with Philip Halatsis of Macabrofilms, lending him his considerable expertise in the technical field as well as advanced production design techniques. Even though the partnership was short-lived, Macabrofilms put out six feature films -including the cult classic "Brutal"- and three music videos in two short years, largely due to the founder's ability to come up with on-the-fly solutions within budget limitations as well as his extremely tenacious work ethic.

Staying true to his underground roots, he continued working with musical acts such as Homoiratus, producing high-quality videos possessed of his distinct aesthetic and artistic vision ("Hollow shell empty vessel, faithful as shadow" in 2006).

He officially founded Crazy Greek Productions while he was working abroad, in the wake of C.G.P's wild success and has gone on to produce another five full-length features in addition to the little known -and brilliant- short "The Exiled".

          2007 was a breakthrough year for Mr. Director, with his first full-length feature "Greek Psycho Cannibal" opening to wide international acclaim amongst horror aficionados. It's unique blend of contemporary satire coupled with extreme levels of gore, harking back to the golden age of Troma Films, was an instant hit with audiences, amalgamating GCP's status as an underground cult favorite.

          Not surprisingly enough, 2010 shaped up to be a pivotal year for Crazy Greek Productions, with a very well received premiere of "Conspiracy of Blood" in Athens, and two films in the pipeline, "Nick The Geek" and "The Losing Hand" both of which generated a great amount of speculation amongst fans.

          But it wasn't until 2011 when this talented and elusive filmmaker broke into mainstream consciousness with the launch of the notorious web series "Little Psycho", followed up by the release of the movie by the same name which premiered at the "2nd Festival Mundial de Cine Extremo" in Mexico in early 2013.

In early 2015 his whereabouts were lost and people have been looking for him ever since.











































Stay tuned for more...