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Update: 1st AUGUST 2015

Our website required a bit of tweaking to start working again
due to a technical issue but we are back online.

Enjoy the summer and we hope to see you
next season with a lot of surprises and news!

Previous update: 13rd JANUARY 2015

FESTIVAL TIME!: 17th of January 2015

Our epic production "NICK THE GEEK" has been selected
and will be featured at the 1st Cult-O-Rama Film Festival in Athens, Greece!

Entrance is FREE!

Location: Second Skin club,
Damokleous 8, Gkazi - Athens Greece. (www.secondskinclub.gr)

Date-Time: 18:00 - Saturday, 17th of January 2015.

Previous update: 2nd NOVEMBER 2014
VIDEO SCREENING: 6th of November 2014

Dr.D & The Voodoo Shreks' awesome music video "Love and R-ape" will be featured
at the event "Video Presentations by local bands"
in Athens, Greece. Entrance is FREE!

Location: Death Disco,
Ogigu 16 and Lepeniotis, Psiri, 10554 - Athens Greece.

Date-Time: 20:00 - Thursday November 6th 2014.

Previous update: 19th of May 2014
MOVIE SCREENING: 22nd of May 2014

Our short film "THE EXILED" is featured at the event
"Beatrix Banal Case II(and other movies)@Reflections"
in Athens, Greece. Entrace is FREE!

Location: Death Disco,
Ogigu 16 and Lepeniotis, Psiri, 10554 - Athens Greece.

Date-Time: 21:00 - Thursday May 22nd 2014.













































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